An Entire Lifetime.

Listening and documenting to someones life seems relatively straight forward and easy enough…right?

Starting up at a new University in less then two months, I was under the illusion I would have my Pa’s life written up in no time…..oh how wrong I was!

With one month down, I haven’t even completed his first 15 years, and lets not forget he is now in his eighties! I now have my parents, who believed this would be ‘easy’ and ‘what was I worried about’, second guessing the whole thing. ‘This could take years’ they predicted. YEARS! were they insane?

I know all great authors can take years to complete a book, but I don’t exactly see this as a best seller (referring to my writing abilities, not my Pa’s life). I don’t carry the precision, perfection and patience I think it would take. I get bored, I skip steps…I mean I once even messed up cooking jelly!

I’ve realised that to write a biography you can not just expect to write up each step in chronological order in one go. The steps overlap and fade in and out with memory, you have to pick apart each step, analyse it and sift through the layers.

But I’ve committed to this now and I’m pretty determined to get it finished.
Stayed tuned for the final product…in a few years!

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